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Hey guys,

First review of the day is Betadvisor services. What is betadvisor? It’s a payable service that includes good tipsters that provide you with daily tips. Why would you need such a thing? It’s simple. Most people struggle when it comes to betting and are not profitable, even if they might seem so at the beginning. Betadvisor hires professional punters and they issue you tips via their site/sms/email whatever you prefer. In a mail or SMS you only recieve a tip, but if you want to read what tipster is thinking than you can head into their members area and see the pre and usually post tip analysis. This can help you significantly as you can get inside the tipsters head and see how he thinks.

On the other side, betadvisor is a perfect place for inexperienced sports bettors. Why? Because you DON’T need any knowledge of sports betting in order to place a bet. Um what? Yep, you read it correctly, you can follow tipster blindly as at BetAdvisor they guarantee you profit over 3 months period. Not following? You subscribe to a tipster, and you follow his tips (he sends you SMS with what to bet on and at what odds) and you just do that. That tipster must be profitable within 3 months. If you’re not in profit by then they’ll cancel your fees and keep you going until you reach green.


Is this something for you? Well it all depends on the size of your bankroll. If it’s a large one and you’re fairly new then yes by all means go for it, you’ll stand a better chance in a betting world than being on your own. If you’re not new you can still gain from inputs of their analysis, I’m sure you already know that but if you’re a pro punter that is already making constant profit then you don’t need them. In that case you should apply to the tipster academy and become a tipster yourself :)

So that’s it, check it out here:

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